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The One Million Moms OFF Welfare™ by 2025 (1MMOW) Advisory Council is comprised of a select group of individuals who want to empower women struggling to stand on their own two feet, obtain financial independence, and exit the welfare system. State Advisory Councils are called upon periodically throughout the year to advise, consult and provide brain trust and access to resources that results in our ability to reduce dependency through education and empowerment to One Million Moms across the United States, enabling them to live productive, economic independent lives.  The 1MMOW State Advisory Council is a prestigious honor for renowned leaders, corporate executives, and a select group of accomplished professionals & entrepreneurs, dedicated to helping One Million Moms exit the welfare system.

1MMOW advisors are asked to participate in a bi-annual advisory council meeting, held via conference call, webinar or live event. 1MMOW advisors are given the opportunity to author articles and or blogs for the organizations on-line publication "Common Sense Magazine".  A publication designed to inspire responsible policy, people and programs.  Visit Common Sense Magazine here.

The 1MMOW™ State Advisory Council becomes the eyes and ears of the initiative and often supply the initiative with ideas about grants, magazine content, partners and other outstanding professionals that are best suited for this prestigious opportunity.  They share and make their networks aware of 1MMOW important events or conferences.  

The goal of the 1MMOW™ State Advisory Council is to become a powerful resource, networking and knowledge base for emerging women leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals entering into the competitive job market. 

Your involvement helps us move from a WELFARE to a WEALTHFAIR™ nation! 

For more information on membership qualificiations and requirements download our brochure.

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