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1MMOW Social Engagement

Here at the One Million Moms OFF Welfare (1MMOW) by 2025, we see social media as a way for us to help people carry out the goals of 1MMOW.

You can connect with us and our parent organization CAN I LIVE on the social networking sites you like to spend time on. We're proud to be part of such a diverse, passionate group of people from across the U.S. and around the world!



We talk about things that move us, make us laugh, and connect us with peoiple who support our cause. More importantly, we want to connect you with what you think is important, so don't hesitate to leave us a comment and share your thoughts!




Our Facebook community is full of 1MMOW supporters, volunteers, and others from all walks of life who may be looking for more information on what we do. Join us and thousands of others to discuss, share, and take action.

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Google Plus

Google +

Connect with us on Google+ and find thousands of people like you who are interested in helping the 1MMOW obtain self-sufficiency, one mom at a time.  

AMerican Red Cross on YouTube

You Tube

Our YouTube channel has information that will motivate and move you forward.  Stop by to learn what our moms are sharing and saying.

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Linked in

Find 1MMOW colleagues, partners and friends on LinkedIn, the #1 place for professional leadership. 

LIVE STREAM-Periscope 

Get timely news and information relating to disasters as they are happening.

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