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Cost Benefits Analysis (CBA)


If 100,000 adult women (and by default, their children), each year for 10 years, are removed from welfare, the savings to the federal government will be $8,250,000,000.00 at the end of the 10-year period.   

If 100,000 adult females (each year for 10 years) are removed from welfare recipient rolls, trained and educated to find employment with an annual minimum salary of $30,000, they will pay approximately 15% (or $3,500) in federal income taxes.  Tax revenues at the conclusion of the 10-year period will equal approximately $19,250,000,000.  

If 100,000 adult females (annually for 10 consecutive years) are removed from welfare, and have found employment with an annual minimum salary of $30,000, they will enhance their respective local economies annually by infusing at-least $3,000 per person/per year into the local area (business, services, goods, etc.).  At the conclusion of the 10-year project, this aspect of the project will add $16.5 billion to the respective local economies of these 1 million women. 

Based on information referenced in the 1MMOW Cost-Benefit Analysis, cumulative 10-year savings will equal, or surpass, at least                                    $ 44, 000,000,000.00.(44 Billion)

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