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An investment in the 1MMOW is an investment in our future

Invest in Other Moms


Your investment makes the difference in the life of young girls and women. Every young girl will become a woman someday and most will someday become mothers.  

Ensure that they start and stay on the course of self-sufficiency.    
















Leave a Legacy!

We are constantly asked, "How can I Help? You told us that you want a way to "invest in other moms."

We agree!!           

And so we are thrilled to announce the launch of the 1MMOW Acceleration Fund. The Fund invests in incentives that motivate and introduce our moms to places that would normally take years.  The acceleration fund helps moms travel safely with much more speed.  Whether it's new technology that a mom needs to attend school, down-payment for transportation and mechanic needs, eviction prevention, or a personal development retreat; after we have exhausted all existing resources, this much needed investment gives our moms the protection, motivation and confidence that the life of self-sufficiency should afford.  


Investing in Moms, is the absolute smartest investment you can make.  An investment in Moms, equates to investments in children; investment in our children secures the future for ALL Americans.

Protect Tomorrows Future, TODAY!     
















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