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An investment in the 1MMOW is an investment in our future

Invest in the Vision


Who says corporations only believe in profits?  We partner with public and private companies that believe one of the greatest investments are those made in people.  





















Become a Visionary Partner

We showed you through our cost benefit analysis how the 1MMOW will decrease dependency on social welfare programs, increase local, state and federal budgets and spur economic growth for local communities.  Becoming a Visionary Partner helps us execute our strategy and ensures the impact is actualized!

The benefits of investing in the 1MMOW Vision are many, and they start with partnering with public and private companies who share in the vision of having personal and social responsibility.  The 1MMOW invests in the economic, personal and professional success of women, through not only the power of our network and 10-point exit strategy, but also the plethora of partnerships with like-minded organizations, corporations, and educational institutions around the nation. By partnering with 1MMOW, your company or organization can build on the investments women are making into themselves and those that partners like you make. 

This gives women in our network the opportunity to explore ideas, share their stories of success and pursue their God-given purpose. 

1MMOW Accelerate Network: Our Online digital learning platform gives women access to inspiration at the click of a button, information to assist in intelligent decision making, and support in challenging times.  The Network is designed to help participants apply what they have learned.  The Accelerate Network is infused with an application which makes learning a daily practice. Continued evolution to our dashboard allows us to enhance service, secure our infrastructure and implement future expansions.  

Your investment as a Visionary Partner ensures that we continue the good work that we've started!

Accelerate Bootcamps: Networking, assessments, life and career coaching, education, advocacy, personal and professional development opportunities are core components of the Accelerate Bootcamps. Our ability to deliver these high quality Bootcamps is why 1MMOW is continually cultivating relationships with public and private partners. 

Your investment as a visionary partner reduces the cost of attending a bootcamp and ensures attendees walk away with more than knowledge-with the ability to apply what they've learned.

Working Capital & Capacity: 1MMOW is committed to accelerating women.  In doing this, it is important that our infrastructure supports scaling and service expansion.

Your investment as a visionary partner not only help us create jobs, but also see to it that we emerge a qualified, skilled workforce for local and national business needs.  


Additional information on becoming a Visionary Partner, please call Aisha Horn @ 919.227.9690 or email: 

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