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Partnership Details

People Partner

The 1MMOW participants are real moms with real dreams.  Therefore we recognize People Partners as one of the most critical components to achieving our goals.  Our people partners are those individuals and/or entities whose core business is developing people.  They will help 1MMOW in various areas of personal and professional development. 

Agencies that the 1MMOW seeks as People Partners Include: 

  • Churches
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Non-Profit organizations
  • Public Housing Authorities
  • Workforce Development Organizations
  • Authors, Life Coaches, Mentors, Pastors and Motivational Speakers

Placement Partner

Placement Partners are those who employ and or grant work activities to our 1MMOW participants.  Work activities include training, employment, apprenticeships, internships, volunteer experience and professional board placement. If you are HUD financially assisted agency and need section 3 compliance, contact us.  

The 1MMOW seeks all industries to serve as our Placement Partners, for example:

  • Media
  • Accounting
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Government
  • Digital Imaging
  • Service Industry
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Business/Corporate

Product Partner

Product Partners are essential to providing the 1MMOW participants with incentives to stay the course. Products are rewarded to the 1MMOW participants who achieve goals and reach various milestones. 1MMOW participants engage in monthly contest and community service projects that enhance learning opportunities. 

Agencies that the 1MMOW seeks as Product Partners Include: 

  • Retail Stores
  • Hotel Chains
  • Car dealerships
  • Small Businesses
  • Technology Firms
  • Food Super Markets
  • Authors & Entrepreneurs
  • Entertainers & Celebrities
  • Entertainment Companies
  • Hair Salons and Day Spa's
  • Corporations (i.e.. Apple, Microsoft, Verizon, Walmart, Best Buy, etc)

Program Partner 

Program Partners help the 1MMOW participants make the connection.  Our Program Partners provide a wrap around, continuum of care approach touching every relevant part of a 1MMOW participant. Program Partners vary from state to state.  There are some best practices & trends that tell us which type of program partners provide the maximum benefit to our One Million Moms and their families.

Agencies that the 1MMOW seeks as Program Partners Include: 

  • Fatherhood Programs
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Government Agencies
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Public Housing Authorities
  • Workforce Development
  • Male Mentorship Programs
  • Pregnancy Prevention and Intervention Programs
  • Ex-Offender & Incarcerated prevention and intervention programs

Place Partner

Place partners accommodate the 1MMOW initiative with facility, meeting and other space to connect, engage, educate and empower our target audience.   

Agencies that 1MMOW seeks as Place Partners Include: 

  • Public Housing Authorities
  • Corporations  (Arenas, Convention Centers and Hotels)
  • Office Space
  • Meeting Space
  • Venue
  • Department of Social Services & Health and Human Services
  • Local, State and Federal Government agencies


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