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Benefits of Being a Tour Host

Partnering with Can I Live, Inc to host a 1MMOW Statewide tour allows your resident organization the opportunity to become state leaders in the nations most epic, never attempted before endeavor.  It also allows for resident groups to turn years of training into real action.  One of the most important features of our partnership is the 5% donation we grant back to resident council/tenant associations for their part in carrying out their scope of work in our partnership agreement.  This donation allows resident councils an unrestricted source of income to assist them in their roles as resident leaders. 

The ideal tour host are resident council / tenant associations who work in partnership with their Public Housing Authority (PHA).  The leadership (staff) of the PHA must be passionate about producing economic independence for low income families.  These are the ingredients to making the 1MMOW Statewide Tours successful.  

Once you're ready to be a tour host, follow these three simple steps.  


Step 1: Decide to be a Tour Host

When it comes to this exciting initiative, there are so many different opportunities that exist. It is important to know that, while there is a fee associated in becoming a Tour Host-there are also the exclusive benefits of having unlimited persons from your agency register for the conference, five (5%) percent donation granted back to your organization, and the recognition for taking the lead role in this historic initiative.  

Step 2: Secure the Venue

We make partnering with us simple.  Before you make your decision, it is important to know, is that we DON'T pay for venues and we DON'T pay for food.  In our efforts to keep an event of this magnitude affordable, we have eliminated the most expensive cost associated with conferences (venue space and food).  Because we don't pay for it, we don't want you to pay for it either.  In most cases, our partners have partners who have more than enough space and are willing to donate the space for the cause.  This falls true most times for food as well. In the event, we are not able to secure a food sponsor, lunch for participants will be on their own. Make sure your venue has eateries that are within walking distance. Should you decide as the tour host, that you want to provide food for the guest-this is totally fine.  We would never prevent our tour host from assuming such financial responsibility.  

Step 3: Request Partnership Agreement

Once you've selected your venue, simply call 919.227.9690 and request a partnership agreement.  Your passion and excitement will be contagious all the way up to the dates of your conference. Our office will keep you informed on the status of your request.  


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