One Million Moms Off Welfare
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$8.25 Billion
is spent annually for 1 million women on select welfare
$19.2 Billion
can be generated in federal income taxes
$16.5 Billion
will be used to spur economic growth in local communities

What is the One Million Moms OFF Welfare Initiative?



The One Million Moms OFF Welfare® (1MMOW) is a 10 year strategy which advocates for systems change and policy reform, innovates program delivery and educates and empowers assisted families to reduce welfare dependency and achieve self-sufficiency.  

The goals of One Million Moms OFF Welfare® (1MMOW) are simple:

  • Increase earnings for moms,
  • Decrease dependency on social welfare programs,
  • Increase taxes for local, state and federal budgets, and 
  • Spur economic growth for local business economies

In a Policy Analysis report published by The CATO institute in April 2012 titled "The American Welfare State–How We Spend Nearly $1 Trillion a Year Fighting Poverty—and Fail".  

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Policy Reform

It's no secret, when moms work, they immediately lose access to the basic needs used to secure and stabilize their families.  Moms make more money sitting home doing nothing then they do working.  This quest for "economic freedom" is not obtainable for welfare moms and not the best use of tax payers dollars.  The 1MMOW incentivizes the road to economic self sufficiency. 

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Program Delivery Innovation

According to the 2015 HUD FSS Report, over 71,000 households actively participated in the FSS program, however only 4245 families successfully completed their FSS contracts and graduated.  Such deficiencies speak to the need for out of the box strategies and innovative approaches to overcoming the barriers to self-sufficiency.  Let us innovate your FSS Program. 

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Education and Empowerment

There are 3 M's that disproportionately affect welfare moms over other moms.  It's their Mind, Men and their Money.  We call this the 3M Syndrome.  It's understanding the psychology behind poverty, the understanding of the power of partnerships with the men we mate, date and create; and that proper planning and preparation produces prosperity.  Let's Master those 3M's. 

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Invest in Yourself and Other Moms

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What Moms Are Saying
The 1MMOW is the blueprint to a sustainable lifestyle.

No more shameful struggling, handouts and unclear or blurry pathways. Having gone through the welfare system with four children, and learning that this system which promised to provide for me and my family was the one thing that truly was holding me back. I have built the bridge to financial liberty and our partners have built the vehicles by which to travel. Together, we will eliminate our dependency and elevate our minds to the higher purpose for which we were created. Never have we had a strategy which addressed those things which makes us dependent and policies which make it hard for us to become independent.

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